Awarded Google Grant

Drumroll please! We’re excited to announce that the Midland Community Center is the proud recipient of a Google grant to the tune of $10,000/month to be used toward Google’s pay-per-click advertising system, AdWords.  AdWords allows companies and organizations to provide keywords related to their products and services in order to foster efficient brand development and placement in Google searches. Google bids out their top ad placement spots to companies and organizations based on search terms. A Google AdWords Grant allows a non-profit, who may not have as many advertising resources, to compete for ad placement within the top search results.

Google for Nonprofits seeks to support non-profits in their community service initiatives and offer an avenue for organization’s to carry out their mission. Using Google AdWords along with Google Analytics will allow the MCC to see who our on-line audience is and will allow us to target our advertising most effectively.

“Our goal, with resources available to us through the Google Grant, is to bring awareness to our neighbors in the region that we’re here as their trusted providers of health and wellness, childcare, athletics and diverse recreation opportunities,” said Amanda Matelonek

Marketing Intern for the MCC who spent much of her time working on the Google Grant project.

Our GMCC Marketing Team including Matelonek, Andrew Warren, I.T. Director for GMCC  and TJ Scheid, Marketing Manager for the MCC worked hard to develop a Google grant campaign which was then submitted to Google for consideration of the grant approval. The work didn’t stop there—now that the grant application has been accepted, smaller advertising campaigns created around all of the unique niches of the Midland Community Center will be developed.

“We are a regional recreation provider and we want to be able to reach out and support those who don’t really know where to begin in their community in terms of getting involved and staying active and healthy. Our ads will be targeted toward those who are unfamiliar with the MCC and who are looking for high quality childcare, a multi-faceted facility, countless options in fitness and athletics or just to those looking to expand their recreational pursuits. We will be viewed as the facilitator to beginning their healthier life,” said Scheid.

For more information on Google for Nonprofits please visit: